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Billy Livsey



Billy Livsey is an American songwriter, keyboardist, and producer from Nashville, Tennessee. He has worked for many artists including Tina Turner, Kevin Ayers, Leo Sayer, Brendan Benson, Gallagher and Lyle, Phil Manzanera, Gerry Rafferty, Travis Tritt, Pete Townshend, Five Star, George Strait, Anita Baker, Ronnie Lane and Kenny Rogers.

PO Box 120904
Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 615-327-0808
Fax: 615-327-0809 
Email: livseymuse@comcast.net

Website: www.bluewatermusic.com

For film and tv syncs in the UK contact:
Diane Hayes

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Copyright © Billy Livsey Music. All rights reserved.

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The album is out: Caitlin Quinlan's album is now out on vinyl and CD. It can be purchased online below.
Pressing done by United Pressing in Nashville.

                         Recent work: Keyboards for sessions with Pete Townshend, indie band The Triplets, and Michael Feeney.

                Presently  working on a production music ep to be released in October featuring tracks for film and television syncs.

Caitlin Quinlan's Full Length album available now! To purchase a physical copy, click here.